Senior Cloud Architect - Azure, AWS, Infrastructure,Transformation, Delivery




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Senior Cloud Architect - Azure, AWS, Infrastructure,Transformation, Delivery

Senior Cloud Architect required to deliver hands-on, business-oriented strategic and technical consulting to the Cloud Service Centre clients (usually DDTS projects) for cloud infrastructure, automation solutions and platform solution architecture for our government organisations large Transformation Project.

Key Duties and Responsibilities 
You will join a service operations team and focus on adding hands-on technical expertise, ensuring outcomes meet the highest technical and agile standards. 
We expect you to understand the client project's aims and to offer professional and commercial insight to ensure client satisfaction. 
You will act as an SME on the pan Cloud Ecosystem (currently focused on Microsoft Azure and AWS) 
Strong experience in a multi-disciplined team is critical as is your ability to clearly communicate complex technology solutions. 
You will be responsible for the production of high level and low level design documents and other technical project related artefacts. 
You will have a good understanding of a broad range of technologies. 
You will be able to converse easily with and translate between non-technical stakeholders and technical practitioners

Essential capabilities 
Capability Description of capability Level of mastery What the level of mastery means 
Bridging the gap between the technical and non-technical Translates technical concepts between software engineering, delivery management and service management so they are understood by all. Working Able to speak on behalf of technical teams and facilitate the relationships with indirect stakeholders. 
Making and guiding decisions Capable of making and guiding effective decisions, explaining clearly how the decision has been reached. The ability to understand and resolve technical disputes across varying levels of complexity and risk. Working Able to make decisions characterised by managed levels of risk and complexity and recommend decisions as risk and complexity increase. Capable of resolving technical disputes between wider peers and indirect stakeholders, taking into account all views and opinions. 
Turning business problems into technical design The ability to work with business and technology stakeholders to translate business problems into technical designs. Creates an optimal design through an iterative process, aligning the user need with the system requirements and organisational objectives. Working Designs systems characterised by managed levels of risk, manageable business and technical complexity and meaningful impact. Works with well-understood technology and identifies appropriate patterns. 
Understanding the whole context The ability to look beyond the immediate technical problem and identify the wider organisation