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Change & Digital Transformation




12 months initially



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Proven Agile Coach required to lead an agile and digital transformation fuction by providing coaching, mentoring, and training. The role will involve coaching a team, adopting agile working practices for pilot projects with a view to rolling out across the whole organisation to deliver digital services. To mentor and develop at least three permanent members of staff to become competent Agile Coaches. 

Key Skills required 

  • Facilitation and coaching of staff in a broad range of Agile workshops within teams and programmes of work
  • Customised Agile training and workshops for staff sitting outside of Agile development teams
  • Team level Scrum coaching to evolve team ways of working incorporating Scrum principles, values and practices
  • Team level Kanban coaching to evolve team ways of working incorporating Lean and Kanban principles and philosophiesStrategy for the implementation of metrics at organisational, programme and team levels, including baselining and measurement of transformation progress
  • Evolved a streamlined process that supports and optimised the flow of work through the organisation from idea to delivery
  • Be available onsite during all core business hours
  • Assisted in implementing Agile testing approaches and technology within team and programme settings, including the use of automation for regression testing
  • Applied Agile engineering and DevOps techniques within project contexts including discovery of current practices and creating a staged plan to evolve towards better ways of working
  • Incorporated Business Analysis into Agile ways of working
  • Coached Product Owners/Managers and related stakeholders to successfully shape products/maximise value by application of Agile techniques for Product Strategy, Visioning, Story/User Journey Mapping User and Customer feedback loops, Backlog Management
  • Help build a Scrum Master community through community coaching sessions and interactive coaching support of individual Scrum Masters working with teams and workshop facilitationAssisted and evolved the contribution of the programme management function into the Agile delivery approach

The ideal candidate will have completed a simular role for another large government organistaion and will tangible experinece in upskills civil servant staff.

Please apply immediately to be considered for this role.